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Similan Islands are located at a distance of 70 kilometers from the mainland - a group of small, almost uninhabited islands that are national treasure of Thailand and have the status of a national park, many beaches are closed to the public and protected by the armed forces in order to preserve the virgin nature and beauty of the Similan Islands.

The underwater world of the islands is so unique and diverse that it will not leave indifferent the most sophisticated diver, the islands have about 30 different Dive sites, and their close proximity to each other makes it possible to make up to four dives per day in dive safari mode. During which, you will see all kinds of coral gardens, cliffs, arches, canyons, huge boulders the size of a house of several floors ... A variety of marine inhabitants, huge schools of fish, from small coral to large tuna, barracudas, triggers, sea turtles , octopuses ... There is a high probability of meeting a whale shark and a giant stingray & #8212; mantoux.

Симиланские острова входят в десятку лучших мировых дайв сайтов и доступны для погружений, в режиме Дайв сафари, дайверам не ниже уровня NDL UNIVERSAL DIVER , либо погружений в рамках обучения на курсе NDL UNIVERSAL DIVER в период с 15 октября по 15 мая.

The price depends on the number of days of stay and the selected program, details can be found when contacting our Dive Center.


You will gain unforgettable impressions and lots of positive emotions.

We are waiting for you to dive into the magical Phuket underwater world!

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